The Best Beard In Rock and Roll

I'm saying it belongs to Kyp Malone, the TV On The Radio co-frontman who played Saturday night at the North Star Bar with note-eliding Americana songstress Jolie Holland. That's Malone on the left in the picture above. Grey Gersten is the two faced guitarist on the right in the photo below. Steve Klinge's astute review from the Monday Inquirer is here. Not to pat myself on the back too hard, but I was the the one who won the pop quiz at the start of Holland's set when she asked who wrote the first two songs in her set. I didn't even need The Big Lebowski clue to know it was Jimmie Dale Gilmore who was the songwriter behind the second tune, "Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown." But I still can't recall the title of the first one, which had a lyric wondering "What good is life if we must live alone?" I can hear Jimmie Dale singing it, and I'm wondering if one of the zen country songwriter's buddies, like Butch Hancock or Al Strehli Jr., actually wrote it, but I can t place it and it's driving me nuts. More pics below.

Update: TV on the Radio have a new album, Nine Types Of Light, due out this spring, Pitchfork reported today. And that mysterious Jimmie Gilmore song? It's "The Heart You Left Behind" from the 1972 album One Road More (later re-issued as More A Legend That A Band), and it is indeed an Al Strehli song.


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