One of the Rolling Stone Top Two: Lelia Broussard


Rolling Stone magazine is in the midst of a So You Wanna Be A Rock and Roll Star? contest, with the winner landng the a magazine cover in August, plus a major label contract with Atlantic Records. (Yeah, I know: Is that the first prize, or the booby prize?)

But we're not here to talk about the failings of the antiquated major label system or argue that the Rock Star contestants would probably be better off going indie, anyway. We're here to call attention to the fact that one of the two contestants left is Lelia Broussard, the Louisiana-bred, formerly Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter who, at 21, is a longtime industry vet. With her warpainted face and "Hipster Bitch" song that's made a fan out of Russell Simmons, Broussard's image is a whole lot more alt these days than when she was a fresh faced Philadelphia teenager. As a finalist going against Saskatoon, Saskatchewan classic rockers The Sheepdogs, Broussard gets to play at Bonnaroo in in Manchester, Tenn. next month, even if she doesn't come out on top.

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