Stephen Malkmus, Kevin Kolb, and 'Unfair'

Pavement leader and sports fan Stephen Malkmus dedicated "Unfair," from 1994's Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain to Eagles QB Kevin Kolb at the Mann on Friday night. An amusing moment, though not quite as funny as the Malkmus quip after one of several times boundlessly energetic hype man and percussionist Bob Nastanovich took his wireless microphone into the crowd that knew every word to every song.  “Going wireless is like Viagra for the back up vocalist," Malkmus said. "Bob can now go longer, deeper, and further into the crowd.” The Pavement reunion tour was an impressive enterprise, though perhaps not as impressive as the hula hooping to "Unfair" seen below. (Until it all falls apart at the 2:18 mark.) My review of the Pavement reunion is in Monday's Inquirer and here.  

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