Songs for the Rapture

In Saturday's Inquirer, esteemed tastemakers like Craig Laban, Carrie Rickey and David Hiltbrand will be naming their five chosen things to eat and see and such before the world ends. (That story is here.) I've got my five songs for the apocalypse in there, but I'm kind of worried that the rapture will have arrived before you get the chance to see it, dear reader. So here goes, from Marvin Gaye to the Rolling Stones, below, with explications to come in tomorrow's newspaper. 

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1. Marvin Gaye, "Let's Get It On"

2. The Clash, "Armagideon Time"

3. Johnny Cash, "The Man Comes Around."

4. Robert Johnson, "Hellhound On My Trail."

5. Rolling Stones, "Out Of Time"