SXSW: On the way to Austin


I'm headed to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas on Tuesday.

I'll be blogging, Tweeting and Instagramming from down there in the Lone Star State all week, and hopefully seeing Prince and a whole lot of bands I haven't heard of yet while I'm at it. I don't think anybody else is doing that down there, are they? So follow me @delucadan if you want to see what those Korean tacos I'm about to eat look like.

The SXSW preview that ran in Sunday's Inquirer A & E section, which focuses on Philadelphia band Grandchildren, is here. That's a picture of Katie Crutchfield, the West Philadelphian who records as Waxahachee and is playing the big NPR SXSW showcase at Stubb's on Wednesday.

But enough about me. To get an idea of how Philadelphia area music and tech enthusiasts going to SXSW are planning on coping with the oversized confab, I asked some of them, including Mark Schoeneveld, the man behind the poplular and influential Yvynyl blog, who is presenting a bunch of bands in Austin.

Schoeneveld went to SXSWi, the interactive tech aspect of the fest which is winding down Tuesday for his job at the video ad agency Puptent. He's going to the music fest, he says in the continous quote that follows  "more for my passion project, the music blog YVYNYL where I'm presenting a number of showcases and networking with my peers.

"Seems that SXSWMusic has stretched earlier and earlier into the week, with big name showcases happening as early as Monday now where in past years it bands didn't roll into town until Wednesday. The festival may have started getting too big for itself, but - who knew? - tech geeks like music too! I like that there is a diminishing distinction between "Music" and "Interactive". At the end of the day, I don't mind the mayhem. It's all a part of this massive, chaotic, undulating organism that's blood is music. What could be more fun?
"I'm most looking forward to seeing some of the bands I booked on my showcase bills: Alpine, up from Australia, had a few blog hits last year and I think they're set up for more in 2013. Scotland electro-pop band CHVRCHES has a couple songs on repeat around the 'net too. A Brooklyn act with a French name, Autre Ne Veut just got crowned Best New Music by Pitchfork so I expect him to be basking in some adoration as he works his new material live.
(Here are my showcases:
My take on festivals is to go in with no plans. There's so much happening, you can't possibly take it all in. I love the feeling of floating along with the crowd to whatever awesome opportunity is waiting to reveal itself to you next, or breaking off and discovering something completely off the beaten path."
There, I couldn't have said it better myself.
Below, please find a Spotify playlist compiled by Justin Gage of the blog Aquarium Drunkard, made up entirely of acts playing SXSW.
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