SXSW: Last Days Here


The SXSW Film fest slows down considerably once the music festival gets going, but there are still movie screenings going on amid the madness, particularly of music documentaries. So after fortifying myself with a lunch of pulled pork contained within a waffle cone made of bacon - at the risk of using the most overused word in indie-rock and perhaps the English language, the Austin lunch truck culture is AMAZING - I ducked into the Convention Center, to see Last Days Here, the documentary about metal legend and Pentagram leader Bobby Liebling.

It's a deeply Philadelphia connected project by filmmakers Don Argott and Demian Fenton, who made The Barnes Foundation doc The Art Of The Steal. The film centers around Liebling, a crack addicted aged metal god who lives in the "sub-basement" of his parents suburban Maryland house, and superfan Sean "Pellet" Pelletier, a suburban Philadelphia Pentagram enthusaist with the patience of Job who commits himself to helping Liebling clean up and get back to the business of being the Godfather of Doom. It's a bromance and a romance, with much of the action taking place in Philadelphia after the life of Liebling, the son of a high powered State Department operative, takes an unexpected turn. Is it the metal-meets-the-human-condition  Anvil: The Story of Anvil of 2011? For sure.    

Pentagram's new album, Last Rites, comes out on April 12 on Metal Blade records. More info about that here. Below, a scene from the movie.

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