Ray Davies at the Tower


Ray Davies was very much the charming Kinksman at the Tower Theater on Saturday night, working the crowd like a schooled British vaudevillian, even going so far as to cheekily tell the fired-up Upper Darby crowd that he had just come from New York, "that suburb of Philadelphia." Plus, he kissed a baby who, naturally, was named "Lola." Lots of audience participation in a show divvied up between 45 minutes of sit-down acoustic and an hour of stand-up rock and roll, and lots of great songs, that still only skimmed the Davies catalog: "Waterloo Sunset," "Sunny Afternoon," "Dedicated Follower of Fashion,""Apeman," brother Dave's "Death Of A Clown" (and the heartfelt and obscure "A Long Way From Home," written and sung for Dave), along with the rockers "Till The End Of The Day," and "Where Have All the Good Times Gone?," and the fuzz tone classics "All Day And All Of The Night" and "You Really Got Me." Plus a healthy helping of Davies' two 00's solo albums, whose tunes like  "In A Moment" and "The Tourist" fit in quite nicely. Here's a bunch of pictures, more after the jump.

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