Rattled By The Rush


As reunited alt-rock 1990's bands go, I'm sort of sorry I missed The Pixies last week, but I'm pretty stoked for Pavement tonight at the Mann Center For Performing Arts. I've never completely warmed to Stephen Malkmus' solo career, but he made great records with Pavement that were droll and ironic, yeah, but also packed with classic-rock schooled hooks. They were also a most lively live band, at their best, though Malkmus was also very good at derailing things when he got bored. Michael Pollock's preview from Friday's Inky is here. Malkmus is the one in yellow, bass playing Lancaster native Mark Ibold is on the far right. The retrospective Quarantine The Past, 1989-1999 is out on Matador. Philadelphia's own (and Pavement's Matador label mate) Kurt Vile opens. The "Rattled By The Rush" video is below. Careful, it might upset your stomach. 

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