Poly Styrene, RIP

Phoebe Snow wasn't the only pseudonymous singer with the intials P.S. whose early death made unwelcome news yesterday. There was also Poly Styrene, the leader of femme punk pioneers X-Ray Spex, who was born Marianne Joan Elliot-Said, and who died of cancer at age 53 on Monday. "Little girls should be seen and not heard," Styrene said sarcastically at the start of her best known song, then shared her feelings on the matter: "Oh Bondage! Up Yours!" See that video below. My favorite Styrene quote is this:  "I chose the name Poly Styrene cause it's lightweight and disposable and that's what pop stars are meant to be." Look for Sara Sherr's review of Styrene's new album, Generation Indigo, which came out yesterday, in this coming Sunday's Inquirer. And here's a track by track interview about the new album with the late singer.

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