Oh, Portlandia!


Portlandia, the sketch comedy show starring Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen and Sleater-Kinney and Wild Flag guitarist (and NPR Music blogger) Carrie Brownstein, debuted last Friday on the Independent Film Channel. The second half-hour episode begins airing, and re-airing, tonight. It's pretty funny, satiric stuff that mostly hits its target as it mocks the self-serious sanctimony of locavore eco-warriors and bicycle activist hipsters in the highly caffeinated drizzle of the Brooklyn of the Pacific Northwest.

Pictured are Brownstein, guest star Jason Sudeikis and Armisen. Below are clips of the show's opening musical number, a skit involving a farm-to-table restaurant where you get to know the name of the chicken you're about to eat, and another joke that begins "Steve Buscemi walks into a feminist bookstore..." And below that is Brownstein's "Portlandia Theme Song," a chiming, heartfelt ode to the "arts and craft and movie makers, hacky sackers and vegan bakers" of her home town.

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