Mid-week at the Mann, with She & Him with Camera Obscura Tuesday, Belle & Sebastian with Yo La Tengo Wednesday


It's a busy indie mid-week at the Mann Center.

She & Him, the retro-pop duo of Zooey Deschanel and M .Ward  and Camera Obscura, the exquisite Scottish pop quintet fronted by Tracyanne Campbell, are playing in the Mann band shell tonight. Read Steve Klinge's interview with Campbell from Friday's Inquirer here

Tomorrow, there's another double header. This one is under the stars with another twee Scottish act Bell  Sebastian, the Stuart Murdoc- led kingpins of the genre, and always reliable sweet and droney trio Yo La Tengo opening. That show is on top of the hill at the Mann's Skyline Stage. My preview is here.

Camera Obscura's "Do It Again" and Belle & Sebastian's "Wrapped Up Books" - which they are, in the photo to the left are below. 

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