MJ Sales Dominance Rolls On


Michael mania rolls on: In his first complete after-death sales week on the Billboard charts, Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 titles sold a total of 800,000 albums, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That's almost double the amount in the previous, truncated week. The gloved one had three of the top five sellers in the country, in Number Ones, which moved 339,000 copies, Thriller, which sold 187,000, and Essential Michael Jackson, 125,000. (Numbers 3 and 4 were the Now 31 hits collection and Brad Paisley's American Saturday Night, at 169,000 and 130,00 respectively). On the catalog albums chart, MJ held all top ten positions. He also sold lots of ringtones - 336,000, up from 2000 the week before he died.

For an amusing take on how expiring can be an excellent career move, here's Richard Thompson singing Henry Kaiser's "Now That I Am Dead" : "Now that I'm deceased, my record sales increased, I'm making lots of royalties... Now that I've expired, my pictures in the Enquirer ... Too bad my genius was discovered, after my coffin had been covered...."