Larry and His Flask with the Warped Tour in Camden


You might think that all the bands at the Warped Tour, which throws its annual punk-rock summer camp day party outside the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden today, sound the same, sharing an identical punky, emo-ish, plugged-in angsty sensibilty. You would be incorrect. Exhibit A in my counter-argument would be Larry And His Flask, the merry band of buskers gone bonkers who proffer a revved up bluegrass and mountain music attack. They can cmpete with anyone in the beats per minute department, but sound nothing like Blink 182. Check the Oregon sextet's "Beggars Will Ride," on the streets of New York City, below. More info on the scads and scads of bands, including Lucero, I Set Myself On Fire and Gym Class Heroes, playing Warped here. Learn what you needs to know about Larry And His Flask, none of whose mamebrs are named Larry, here.

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