Lady Gaga Setlist


Giddy from winning 8 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday - "I haven't slept in 48 Hours," she said - Lady Gaga played the first of her two Monster Ball shows at Wells Fargo Center on Tuesday.

In two talkative hours, she dressed up to look like a giant lampshade (or was that a giant mushroom?). She spoke out against the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. She mentioned the name of her upcoming album, Born This Way, many, many times. She wondered why people would be upset by her wearing a dress made out of meat. She writhed around on the ground covered with fake blood and yelled "Jesus Loves Everybody!" And, of course, she tangled with a giant Angler Fish/Octopus while flames shot out of her bra and crotch. A full review of Tuesday's show iis in the Thursday Inquirer, and here

Here's the set list:

Dance in the Dark / Glitter and Grease / Just Dance / Beautiful, Dirty, Rich / Vanity  / The Fame / Love Game / Boys Boys Boys / Money Honey / Telephone / Brown Eyes / Speechless / You and I  / So Happy I Could Die / Monster / Teeth / Alejandro / Poker Face / Paparazzi / Bad Romance

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