Jon Stewart at the Borgata


I caught the fourth and final of Jon Stewart's stand-up shows at the Borgata this weekend, late Saturday night at the Music Box theater. David Hiltbrand's spot-on review of the early show by the man he astutely calls "the Will rodgers of his generation" is in this morning's Inquirer. That's here.  

Aside from Stewart's riffs on Dick Cheney, gay marriage and Bruce Springsteen that Hiltbrand mentions, The Daily Show host served up some choice profanity strewn material on the fecklessness of Democrats, and most amusingly delineated the differences between African Americans and Jews such as himself. "Blacks developed the blues; we've been complaining for centuries, we just never set it to music," he explained. "Actually, my grandmother wrote a blues song once. It was called 'Gee, It's Drafty In Here.' The b-side was 'Now It's Too Hot.'"

Stewart's back behind his Comedy Central anchor desk tonight with guest Harry Markopolos, whose book No One Would Listen digs deep into the Bernie Madoff business.

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