Jolie Jolie

Singer-songwriter (and violinist and guitarist) Jolie Holland makes American vernacular music that's beautifully becalmed, with something sinister lurking just around the bend. Along time ago, she used to be in The Be Good Tanyas, then went solo with the memorable Catalpa in 2003 and Escondida in 2004. Last month, she published as essay entitled "Loosening The Grip" in Poetry magazine, about how Morrissey led her to Oscar Wilde, about how Yeats is great, and about how much she loves Gram Parsons and the Georgia Sea Island Singers and the Rastafarian band the Abyssinians. Read that here. She plays the North Star Bar on Saturday night on an intriguing bill with TV On The Radio's Kyp Malone.  "Mexico City," from 2008's excellent Sunday (or Saturday) morning record The Living and The Dead, and "Old Fashioned Morphine," from Escondida, are below.

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