How Sweet The Sound

Gospel fans, get ready to exercise your democratic prerogative to vote for the most divine church choirs in the Philadelphia region. There's a gospel sing-off scheduled for the Wachovia Center on September 17 called How Sweet The Sound. (The picture is from last year's Philadelphia competition.) Up to eight Philadelphia area choirs will compete this year in the Few Voices and Many Voices categories. Thirteen choirs are in the running for those slots, and fans can cast their votes to determine who gets to compete at Tickets are $5 and $7.

In the few voices category, it's between All About Christ, from York, Pa., The Grace and Truth Delegation, from Brookhaven, Pa., The Sounds of Love, from Willingboro, and the Ambassador Seed of Love Church and Bishop's Men Of Song, both from Philadelphia.

In the Many Voices slot, it's a battle between the Abundant Life Fellowship Worship Center of Edgewater Park, N.J., Voices of Canaan from New Castle, De., The Chorale, from Bensalem, the Simpson Mens Choir, from Wilmington, and Voices of Victory Mass Choir, Kingdom Worship Center Congregational Choir and United Voices of Ford Memorial Temple, all of Philadelphia.

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