Going to Gagaville

I've never been to FarmVille. But I know lots of people like to hang out there - 46 million people play the online game on Facebook, created by California social network gaming company Zynga, every month. And though the thought of Lady Gaga as a farm hand is incongrouous to say the least - I can't picture her riding on top of a John Deere while wearing a diamond encrusted bra (though, on second thought, maybe I can) - that's not stopping her. 

Nothing does. So as a way to get to social media users where they live and promote Born This Way - which, you might have heard, comes out May 23 - a special farm will be created called GagaVille which will allow players to hear one "exclusive" song per day from May 17 to May 19. Starting the next day, farmers in GagaVille will be able to unlock more non-exclusive track. The pre-release songs will be streamed through Clear Channel's iHeartRadio app.

Gaga is the first artist to get her own farm, though other pop performers have done deals with Zynga. In December, Dr. Dre debuted "Kush," frm his still-forthcoming album Detox, on the more logically synergistic Facebook game Mafia Wars. Gaga's "Judas" video is below.

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