Everybody Was In The French Resistance .... Tonight


Eddie Argos is quite possibly the funniest man in rock and roll. The leader of Art Brut has currently gone batty with the side project Everybody Was In The French Resistance ... NOW! The band's debut album Fixin' The Charts 1 consists entirely of answer songs to other people's hits. "Billie's Genes," "Hey! It's Jimmy Mack," for example. The concept works well enough, but it's Argos' inspired stage patter that's really worth the price of admission. Above, Argos performs, dressed like The Mentalist, at the SXSW music fest. Tonight, EWITFR...N! will be at the North Star Bar. Below, the band, which also includes his real life girlfriend Dyan Valdes, does "G.I.R.L.F.R.E.N. (You Know I've Got A)." 

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