Diplo at PIFA Street Fair? No, Diblo at PiFA Street Fair


There's an impressive - though not particularly French - music bill at the PIFA Street Fair on South Broad Street on Saturday, headlined by Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings (that's them), who go on at 6 on the Pine Street stage, and who speak the international language of rugged Otis Redding-inspired '60s soul.

Portland, Oregon humanist punks The Thermals, Roy Orbison-influenced New Jersey songwriter Nicole Atkins, Ghanian born rapper Blitz the Ambassador - the lineup gets around. The can't miss prize booking for my money, though, is Diblo Dibala, the born-in-the-Congo (now Zaire) guitarist whose given name might lead sme to believe he's a Philadelphia based global DJ superstar and Blackberry spokesman.

But no. What he is is one of the great guitar players in the world, a pearly fingered soukous master of the West African dance music whose name derives from the French verb secouer, meaning "to shake." Dibala used to play with Kanda Bongo Man, then he fronted his own Loketo ensemble. Currently, Diblo is based n New York and he'll be playing with his current band Matchatcha  at 2 on the Pine Street stage. The full street fair music schedule is here.  See what Diblo does below.

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