Concert Pick: Jim Jones Revue at North Star Bar

The Jim Jones Revue.

I haven't seen The Jim Jones Revue live yet, so tonight at the North Star Bar is the night.

This Jim Jones is not a New York rapper or a kool aid drinking cult leader but a a howling British rock and roll singer who has taken frontman pointers from old time adrenalized showmen like Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard as well as more recent rip roarers like The Stooges and Nick Cave.

The band's latest album, last year's The Savage Heart, raises quite a ruckus, but word has it that the only way to go with The Jim Jones Revue is to see them on stage because, as one web wag put it, they put on "a ferocious and almost unfeasibly exciting live show."

We'll see about that.  At the North Star, the JJR top a triple bill with Brass Knuckle Evangelists and Freddy Pompei's Fight F*** and Dance. Check out "It's Gotta Be About Me" below. Ticket info here.    

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