Coldplay Setlist

Coldplay performs during their concert at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on July 5, 2012. (Elizabeth V. Robertson / Staff Photographer)

Coldplay played a highly-energetic brightly-colored sold-out show at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia on Thursday night.

The British four-piece fronted by singer, pianist and sometime guitarist Chris Martin had confetti cut in the shape of birds, butterflies and hearts raining down on fans by the second song in. For an hour and forty five minutes, the group hyper-actively bounded about an enormous stage and even performed two songs towards the end of the room on a makeshift stage set up in a section at the back of the building. 

"That's the kind of band we are," Martin quipped, who was wearing a pink shirt at the time as he strummed his way into "Us Against The World." "The kind of band that breaks all the rules, that wears a pink shirt and sings a song at the back of the room."  

As fans entered the building, they were handed woven "Xylobands" to wear around their wrists, which were lit up by a wireless signal at various points during the show, eliminating the need to hold up cell phones or lighters. The hashtag #Coldplayfilm included on the recyclable bands would make it seem the audience participation light show will potentially be part of an upcoming Coldplay concert movie.

Wolf Gang and Robyn opened the show. Coldplay's set list is below. A full review will be up online on Friday and in Saturday's Inquirer. Coldplay are back at the Wells Fargo on Friday night.

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