Big Star's Andy Hummel, RIP

Big Star for a Bill Ellis story

Alex Chilton died in March, and now another Big Star has passed. Andy Hummel, the great Memphis '70s power-pop band's original bass player, has died at 59 after a long bout with cancer. Hummel lived near Weatherford, Texas and made it to Antone's in Austin in March to take part in a moving tribute to Chilton, who's on the far right in the photo, with Hummel on his left. I love this quote from Peter Buck of R.E.M., via MTV, which puts the accomplishments of the massively influential cult band in perspective: "We've sorted of flirted with greatness, but we've yet to make a record as good as Revolver or Highway 61 Revisited or Exile On Main Street or Big Star's Third." The footage below was shot by Hummel and Chris Bell during the making of Big Star's 1972 debut, #1 Record.

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