Beyonce Moves Body, Waves American Flag

Let the celebrity alignment behind 2012 Presidential candidates begin. Beyonce has served a reminder that she's with Team Obama by releasing an exercise video of sorts in support of First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" campaign against childhood obesity. In the clip, Queen B. shows up in a school cafeteria in short shorts and knee socks - dress code rules apparently being suspended that morning - and leads students though a non-partisan dance routine, with lyrics adapted from her 2007 hit "Get Me Bodied."

Yes, she advises the impressionable youth to move "to the left, to the left." But lest she be targeted by conservative pundits, she also urges them to head "to the right, to the right." The inspiring routine culminates with the pop star patriotically exhorting followers to wave the Stars and Stripes before taking a healthy bite out of an all-American apple. If only the gym teachers looked like that when I was in grade school, I might not be in this sorry state today.

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