Beefheart on Bandstand

Various miscellani on Captain Beefheart, who died Friday at 69. Howery Pack's Inquirer obituary is hereHere are Beefheart's 10 Commandments of Guitar Playing. (#5: "If You're Guilty Of Thinking, You're Out ....  You should play like a drowning man, struggling to reach shore. If you can trap that feeling, then you have something that is fur bearing.")

Beefheart went to junior high with Frank Zappa, who produced the 1969 double LP meisterwork Trout Mask Replica, in Lancaster, California.  Hal Willner, the Philadelphia-reared esteemed record producer, Beefheart fan and sometime associate, said that a Beefheart concert he saw at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby "might have been the best I ever saw." Former Inquirer freelancer and Free Darko founder Nathaniel Friedman's explication of the similarities between Beefheart and former Washington Wizards and now Orlando Magic shooting guard Gilbert Arenas is here in The Awl


Here's an appreciation from The Guardian. And below, Beefheart's phone interview appearance on American Bandstand in 1966. Truly weird, considering how out there the music of the man born Don Vliet (he added the "Van" later) would soon be, but perhaps the stranger thing is that the cover of Bo Diddley's "Diddy Wah Diddy" does not sound all that out of place on Dick Clark's show, which by then had been based in Los Angeles for two years. I think I hear a hit!

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