Tweeters ready for Winter Classic

    No formal announcement was made, but an NHL source said Thursday the Flyers will host the New York Rangers at Citizens Bank Park in the Winter Classic on Jan. 2, 2012.

     Why Jan. 2? Because the Eagles play across the street on Sunday, Jan. 1. Oh, and the NHL doesn’t want to go head-to-head with the NFL that day.

      The Winter Classic coming to Philly? Most fans were ecstatic about the news, which started a frenzy on Twitter as people wanted to know how to buy tickets (no announcement yet) and made their share of, um, entertaining (read:  wise-guy) comments. Here are some of them:

   Justinj312: Has Lavy announced who is starting the WC yet?

   rayguy0: You think the Flyers first shutout of the season will be in WC? Maybe if Roy Halladay is in goal?

  Ken Schott: ….Will there be a ceremonial beatdown of Dale Rolfe by Dave Schultz to open the Winter Classic?

   taweetthis: But who will finish the game??

  DXFlyers: You ready to sing High Hopes at the bank during a hockey game?

   keesje_ingamer: What do I do for my NYE hangover?

  Drew Tilley: It should be fun watching Richards interact with another flyer scribe from a different company.

    VanceWorley: 24/7 hbo will be spectacular.

    ambilevous on Rangers coach John Tortorella’s swearing: he’ll be known as “tourettes” torterella by the time that show is done.”

     petshark47: I will renew for HBO for Flyers 24/7.

      hockeyetiquette: Think the West could get a Classic sometime this decade?

     getzy89: maybe we will get an in-depth look at determining a lower-body injury on 24/6. (sic)

     RBecklerPSU: could you imagine Lavi saying “he’s day to day” for an hour on HBO each week?

   catiekat3715: Tortorella will make Bruce Boudreau blush.

    CeeDouble: Stupid. Flyers again.

    JustinSchacher: Flyers still won’t have a goalie by the Winter Classic!

     ambilevous (again): Any truth to the rumor that Bernie will come out of retirement so we have a chance of winning this thing?


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