Simmonds the target of another slur

UPDATE: Wayne Simmonds scored two goals Tuesday in Liberec 3-2 win over Brno.

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Just when you are inspired by the human spirit and the work of volunteers connected to Hurricane Sandy, you hear sickening reports that Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds has been the victim of racism.


First the inspiration: My 23-year-old Gloucester County neighbor, Louis McCall, drove 20-plus hours from Florida with my son Sunday, and after quickly changing clothes at his Wenonah home, drove to Long Beach Island to perform heroic duties as a volunteer fireman.

Now the other side of humanity: Simmonds, who is black, heard racist chants after getting in a fight during a game in the Czech Republic on Sunday, Yahoo! Sports reported.

Fans chanted "opice," which means monkey.

The marketing director of Chomutov, which faced Simmonds' team, issued an apology.

"We are disgusted with the behavior of small groups of spectators who significantly damaged the reputation of the We would like to deeply apologize to Mr. Simmonds and the Liberec players," David Dinda said in a statement.

Last year, during an exhibition game in London, Ontario, a fan threw a banana at Simmonds as he went in on a breakaway during a shootout.

It was appalling then and is equally appalling now.