NHL 'negotiations' provide laughs

The NHL players' union rejected the owners' latest proposal last week. (Chris Young/Canadian Press/AP file photo)

All along, I have been insisting that the NHL and the players' union should hire a mediator to help solve their ugly labor dispute.

But after developments late Tuesday, I think someone else is needed.

A divorce lawyer.

Both sides can't even agree to have a meeting Wednesday, one day before the NHL's supposed deadline to have a collective bargaining agreement in place _ and to preseve an 82-game season.

Who are the leaders of these respective groups? Captain Kangaroo and Homer Simpson?

In brief, the NHLPA said it wanted to have a meeting Wednesday, but its request was not greeted with open arms. The NHL said there is nothing to meet about because the players' union had rejected the owners' proposal last week and indicated they weren't making a new offer.

In other words, there will not be a new CBA on Thursday. And the NHL will move one step closer to being irrelevant.

But at least the league is providing comic relief.

* * *

Isles to Brooklyn. The laughs keep coming, folks. With the lockout as its backdrop, the NHL will proudly announce on Wednesday that the New York Islanders will move to Brooklyn for the start of the 2015-16 season.

Maybe the lockout will be over by then.


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