Most fans blame NHL owners

Responding to an unscientific poll I created on Twitter, an overwhelming majority of fans think the owners deserve most of the blame for the NHL’s third lockout since Gary Bettman became commissioner in 1993.

Several fans called the owners “hypocrites” for saying the players need to take substantial pay cuts - after offering mega-million deals to the same players.

Tweeted McCaffreyDave: why are owners handing out contracts they are fighting to get rid of? #confused

Bsculls had the same theme, saying “what the owners are doing by signing these contracts proves that the rat in this is bettman.”

Tweeted Mamaflyers571: owners should get blame. They want CBA they forced abolished. And are rushing to sign guys right now under this 'bad' CBA

The owners did get some support.

Tweeted Drewlogue: EZ to say owners fault; in what other job do employees get >50% of rev?” it's called a co-op; many work places have this.

MarkHritz tweeted that BOTH sides are to blame. “neither are right. split everything 50/50. Players need owners & owners need players.”

Here are some other responses:

TotesMcquotes: My 2yo daughter gets so excited when #Flyers are on TV. "Look Dad! Claude Giroux!" Not this yr. Thanks #Bettman

Frstrm33: The players (are right) The #NHL is trying again to fleece them because of bettman's ill advised expansion plan.

Tattered666: this time it’s the players (who are right). They gave the league everything last time under the promise it fixed all the woes. Now you have teams like Minnesota handing out 2 10yr $98mill contracts. They made their bed now lie in it.

schman_317: we've instituted a 2 year ban in our house. No ticket or merchandise purchases. #notgettingmymoney

And your feelings on the latest lockout?


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