MacLeish family (and surprise visitor) survives hurricane


The wife of former Flyers star Rick MacLeish reported that she, her husband and their dog, Gus, survived Hurricane Sandy on Monday - and even had a visit from a fish.

Rick MacLeish and his wife, Charlene, are year-round residents of Ocean City, N.J., and they disregarded Gov. Christie's orders to evacuate the island. Instead, they stayed in their Bay Avenue home and waited out the hurricane.

Charlene MacLeish said there was minor damage to the home, noting that a small part of a stucco wall at the bottom of the house came off.

"But there were no other issues," she said on Tuesday.

At one point, Charlene MacLeish said she opened a door at the bottom of the house _ it leads to the stairway entrance _ and some water surged in, along with a fish. "It looked like a big minnow," she said, laughing.

She said about four feet of water entered their garage, but that it was gone after high tide went down.

"I'm glad we stayed because our electricity never went out," she said. "We probably shouldn't have stayed, but we're comfortable being in our own house. It was empty around here. No one else was around."

Except for their cockapoo. And a fish.