Hall member Schultz: Penalty box 'relaxing'

This morning Dave Schultz was made available to the media from the penalty box in the Wachovia Spectrum to discuss being inducted into the Flyers Hall of Fame during an on-ice ceremony prior to the team’s contest vs. the New Jersey Devils at the Wachovia Center on Nov. 16.


Here, courtesy of Flyers publicity staffer Joe Siville, is the transcript of his Q & A:

Q: Did you like being in the penalty box?


“What I liked about it was that it wasn’t as crowded as on the bench. I had a towel, coke, you know we used to drink soda, which wasn’t really that good for you but Clarkie [Bob Clarke] started that. So it was relaxing. Only one time do I remember, well I don’t remember why I was there or how I got there. I had a slight concussion, only one time. It was always a good vantage point over here [laughs].”


Q: What are some memories that you have not coming back in your mind, standing back in the penalty box in the Spectrum, knowing that this building will be closed in just a couple of weeks, what are some memories that come flying through your head?


“Obviously the first one would be the big games that you’re involved with. Certainly Game Six against Boston was huge. I hadn’t realized I got a couple penalties in that third period - I don’t know what the referee was thinking on those [laughs], but we killed them off obviously. But I’m like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I took that penalty in the third period up 1-0.’ So that game and some of the big games against the Rangers during the season. I remember we captured actually, I guess it was ’74, we captured the division championship, I think it was against Boston, right here [Spectrum]. So I actually remember probably more in a lot of the other buildings I had to play in, and some of the things that took place, but it’s going to be sad. It was a great place, as many many people experienced, and certainly our team.”


Q: How do you feel about being selected for the Flyers Hall of Fame?


“It’s unbelievable to me. I was absolutely shocked. All I think of is… forever. I mean, I’ll have my name on a banner forever in the Flyers Hall of Fame in the organization, so that’s very very special for me.”


Q: Who was your biggest nemesis or who did you enjoy fighting?


“None of them, I didn’t enjoy any of them, but they were small, really small [laughs]. Terry O’Reilly, I fought him eight times so he was my main nemesis. I knew that particularly if we were going into Boston there was probably a pretty good chance. I watched some video where I was going to fight Carol Vadnais or Gary Doak, or somebody and all you could see is O’Reilly going in and out of players and getting there before I could get involved with the other player, and he’d drop his gloves and we would fight.”


Q: What was the record over those eight [fights]?


“8-0 [laughs]. Actually there is a fight site and it shows every fight I’ve had as well as other players, and they were rated and I think there was one draw and I think he won four set, whatever that means [laughs]. The toughest part about fighting Terry O’Reilly was he was a lefty. That means the way I fought and the way he fought by grabbing the shoulder, we were wide open. There was nothing to protect, if you’re fighting a guy who’s swinging with his right you could duck. So a lot of times I’d have a lot of welts on my head, but with him it was straight on so it was the same for me. But he was a big guy, he was my main guy.”