For Flyers' Gagne, the magic touch continues

Simon Gagne scores his second period power-play goal. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

     Simon Gagne, the Flyers' veteran left winger who was sidelined with a broken foot earlier in the playoffs, has the magic touch.
     Since returning to the lineup earlier than expected, he has played in six playoff games.
     The Flyers have won all six, with Gagne scoring six goals.
    “What he’s done has been very impressive,” understated coach Peter Laviolette.
    Gagne contributed a power-play goal Tuesday as the Flyers defeated Montreal, 3-0, at the rollicking Wachovia    Center and took a two-games-to-none lead in the Eastern Conference finals.
     “It's tough now,” said Gagne of the series, which shifts to Montreal on Thursday. “It feels pretty good, but at the same time, we've been on the other side, and we know that until the other team (closes) the series, it's not over.   For us, we did what we had to do here at home. Get those two wins.
     “But at the same time we have a lot of things we can improve on our game, especially five on five. Our goalie had to be very good for us tonight to win the game.”
     Michael Leighton made 30 saves, including 13 in an acrobatic first period.

   The Flyers, who have set a team playoff record with 13 straight goals,  were 2 for 4 on the power play, while Montreal was 0 for 4.
      “Our special team was the key tonight. But five on five for the most part of that game, they were definitely a lot better,” Gagne said. “We're up 2 0, but it doesn't mean anything. They're going to go back to Montreal and try to do the same thing that we did tonight.
     Someone mentioned to Gagne that the Flyers seem to be shooting high and to the corners on Montreal goalie Jaroslav Halak.
     “Oh, yeah? You know what, for any goalie that's a tough spot now to cover. You know, you're taking sometime a perfect shot especially on the goal that Danny B (Briere) scored _ a perfect shot. Doesn't matter if you're Halak or Marty Brodeur or Michael Leighton, it's going to go in.”
     The Flyers are 4 for 10 on the power play in the first two games of the series; Montreal is 0 for 8.
    “I think it's just about confidence,” Gagne said. “Sometimes when you're confident on the power play, you're able to make plays a little bit more than usual that you're not scared to do. You just have to keep it simple, and we did tonight.”
     Now the challenge is to keep it going in Montreal.
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