Flyers trying to reload

   The Flyers, coming off a stunning run to the Cup Finals, are understandably excited about being back in training camp.

   Did they make the right off-season moves that will make them Cup contenders again?

   We will find out in the upcoming months. From here, the Flyers have more overall toughness and are much better defensively than at this time last season. The offense appears a little weaker, as does the goaltending.

   But chemistry can make up for some deficiencies, and the Flyers seem to be a tight-knit group.

  On a personal note, thanks to those who have e-mailed get-well wishes. They were deeply appreciated. I am sidelined indefinitely with eye problems _ I have been keeping the good docs at Wills Eye Hospital very busy _ and The Inquirer's Keith Pompey and Mario Acquirre will be on top of things on a daily basis.

  This should be an intriguing season for the orange and black.  The Flyers, in their first full season under Peter Laviolette, say last year's Finals loss to Chicago will serve as motivatation. Still, there are no guarantees. Since expansion in 1967-68, just two of the 42 teams that lost in the Finals _ Edmonton in 1983, and Pittsburgh in 2008 _ won the Cup the next season.

  The Flyers will try to make it a trifecta.