Charlie Sheen salutes Pronger; Flyers raising ticket prices

     Chris Pronger is sidelined as he recovers from hand surgery, but the Flyers’ defenseman still drew some national attention Sunday when he showed up on Charlie Sheen’s Facebook page.

     Sheen’s Facebook page displayed a photo of Pronger wearing a blue shirt that says, “Duh, Winning.”

     For some reason, “Winning” has become one of Sheen’s popular catchphrases _ as if the word was never used before.


Which coach would you rather have in the Stanley Cup playoffs?

    Underneath the photo of Pronger, were these words, apparently written by Sheen: “Are you #WINNING? Chris Pronger from the Philadelphia Flyers is.”

* * * *

     The Flyers are raising ticket prices for the 2011-12 season, a club official told Comcast SportsNet.

      Shawn Tilger, The Flyers’ senior vice president for business operations, said the rise in the salary cap _ from $39 million in 2005-06 to $59.4 million this season _ played a role in the ticket increase.

    Tickets will increase between 8 to 10 percent, CSN reported, adding that the lower bowl will be restructured into six different price ranges. The seats behind the south net, where the Flyers shoot twice a game, will cost more than the seats at the north end, where the team shoots once.

   * * * *

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