A Flyers quiz to replace labor rhetoric

    As the countdown begins toward Sept. 15 _ the day the Collective Bargaining Agreement expires and the NHL could be headed toward another asinine lockout _ here’s a Flyers quiz to replace the rhetoric being spewed by Gary Bettman, Donald Fehr and a cast too long to name.

   The first person who responds with all 10 correct answers will receive a copy of the book “Bill Campbell: The Voice of Philadelphia Sports,” which includes a DVD of Bill’s greatest broadcasts, including Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game and the Eagles’ last NFL championship win.

     If you respond on this page or via Twitter, please include your e-mail address.

     Here we go:

  1. True or False. When the Flyers dropped a 9-8 decision to Winnipeg last season, it was Philadelphia’s second-highest goal total in a loss in franchise history.
  2. Who holds the Flyers’ record for career playoff points in their history?
  3. Here’s an easy one: Who led the Flyers in goals last season?
  4. Who has more playoff-winning goals in Flyers history, Jeff Carter or Don Saleski?
  5. Assuming this season is played, which Flyer has the second-highest cap hit among forwards? (Danny Briere is No. 1.)
  6. Peter Laviolette’s playoff record as the Flyers coach is (A) 23-23; (B) 28-17; or (C) 18-30?
  7. This Flyer finished second in the NHL with 16 power-play goals last season. Name him.
  8. Only two NHL teams had more goals than the Flyers last season. Pittsburgh was one of them; name the other.
  9. In last year’s first few games, Claude Giroux centered which wingers?
  10. Who led the Flyers in the plus-minus stats last season?


    We have a winnah!

    @avj1083 was the first to have all 10 answers correct. Congrats!

     The answers: 1. False. It was the highest, not the second-highest. 2. Bobby Clarke with 119 points. 3. Scott Hartnell with 37. 4. Saleski. 5. Jake Voracek at $4.25 million. 6. (A) 23-23. 7. Hartnell. 8. Boston. 9. Giroux started the season with JVR and Jaromir Jagr as his wingers. 10. Hartnell at plus-19. (Sean Couturier was plus-18).

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