Broad Street Bull Archive: October, 2012

MacLeish family (and surprise visitor) survives hurricane

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The wife of former Flyers star Rick MacLeish reported that she, her husband and their dog, Gus, survived Hurricane Sandy on Monday - and even... Read more

Simmonds the target of another slur

UPDATE: Wayne Simmonds scored two goals Tuesday in Liberec 3-2 win over Brno. * * * * Just when you are inspired by the human spirit and... Read more

NHL cancels November games

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The NHL on Friday canceled its November schedule because of the labor dispute. League-wide, 326 games _ 26.5 percent of the season _ have... Read more

Obama, the NHL and a new target date

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President Barack Obama on Wednesday night pleaded with the NHL and the players' union to create labor peace because "the fans deserve it." Appearing... Read more

NHL 'negotiations' provide laughs

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All along, I have been insisting that the NHL and the players' union should hire a mediator to help solve their ugly labor dispute. But after... Read more

Comcast, NBC and the NHL lockout

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In a way, the owner-imposed NHL lockout is being partially funded by Comcast, the Flyers’ parent company. The NBC Sports Group, a subsidiary... Read more

A way to help NHL labor talks; more games scrapped

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The NHL and the players’ union get more childish by the day. They lashed out in a war of words after the league quickly dismissed the... Read more

Will NHLPA response lead to settlement? (Ha!)

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The NHL Players’ Association, trying to save the season, made counteroffers that the NHL dismissed during an unproductive, one-hour meeting... Read more

NHL releases its CBA proposal

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As provided by the NHL, below is the league's offer for a new collective-bargaining agreement. The NHLPA didn't embrace it, saying it needs... Read more

NHL awaits players' answer to offer

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The NHL on Tuesday offered the players’ union a 50/50 split on hockey-related revenue, provided an 82-game season starts on Nov. 2. The... Read more