Say What? Archive: January, 2011

Court reforms focused on justice

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A major overhaul of court procedures ordered by state Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille and his colleagues represents a leap forward... Read more

Corbett cuts could prompt local tax hikes

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Chat: Dick Polman on the State of the Union address

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Protecting student athletes from concussions

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Just as rules against helmet-to-helmet contact are helping to protect professional football players from head injuries, scholastic athletes... Read more

Thomas Vinciguerra: Fit for heaven

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(In this encounter between St. Peter and Jack LaLanne, who died last weekend, the latter speaks in his own words.) St. Peter: Hello, Mr. LaLanne... Read more

Thomas Hylton: Pa. can save on schools

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Gov. Corbett was swept into office with a pledge of fiscal discipline, limited government, and no tax increases. He faces billions of dollars... Read more

George Parry: Trying to make global warming pay

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Al Gore and his supporters promised us that, if only we used enough fossil fuels, man-made global warming would bring about an environmental... Read more

John Timpane: Mammoth decision

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Japanese and American scientists say they may soon clone a woolly mammoth — the huge, hairy cousin of the elephant that went extinct... Read more