Say What? Archive: June, 2009

Make him a full-time landlord, not a city judge

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Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Willis W. Berry Jr. should be removed from the bench and stripped of his pension for brazenly running... Read more

Axe-evading plane

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Not only does the F-22 fighter jet evade radar, but it avoids federal budget cutters, too. As we noted in an editorial in April, Defense... Read more

Tax 'em if they chew 'em

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Every Pennsylvania lawmaker got a copy of the following full-page ad run by the Pa. Alliance to Control Tobacco this week in the Harrisburg... Read more

For Jacko, being 'bad' had varying meanings

The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones So said Mark Antony in verse written by Shakespeare, but... Read more

Meanwhile, across the river...

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Comparing state budgets isn't always apples to apples, and it could induce a coma from boredom, too. But there might be a lesson for Harrisburg... Read more

No pistols in hollowed-out Bibles, please

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Ken Pagano may have grown up just over the river in New Jersey, but a lot of Pennsylvania towns grappling with gun violence – Philadelphia... Read more

What's not to like about the Dilworth Plaza make-over

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"The latest plan to redesign Dilworth Plaza is deeply troubling," writes Alvin Holm, a Center City-based architect. Holm is a founding... Read more

Stacked deck

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A study released yesterday by Common Cause Education Fund found the gaming industry gave $4.4 million in campaign contributions to political... Read more