Say What? Archive: December, 2011

Poll: AIDS and U.S. drugmakers

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With Johnson & Johnson's decision not to participate in a program providing cheaper AIDS drugs in poor nations, a public debate has been... Read more

Second chances for nonviolent offenders

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A bill under consideration in Harrisburg would give more of the state’s ex-offenders a clean slate and a needed second chance to become... Read more

Justice delayed but not denied

In the case of the decades-old child-sex-abuse claims being made against former Philadelphia Daily News sports columnist Bill Conlin, public... Read more

Poll: Give 'em a break?

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Talk in Harrisburg about expanding rules on expunging criminal records for low-level nonviolent crimes as a way to help people get back on... Read more

Poll: Friends in high places

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Fix a ticket? Never! Or ... why not? Cast your vote now. Read more

Easing the bottleneck of Traffic Court problems

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In an announcement about as shocking as the proverbial revelation that there’s “gambling in River City,” Philadelphia Traffic... Read more

Poll: Family-friendly workplaces

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Should businesses be doing more to help workers? Cast your vote now. Read more

Bosses must be creative about work-family balance

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As federal and state governments pull back on child-care aid and struggle to find affordable ways to help families with problems of elder care... Read more