Where bullets fly, Toomey's quip isn't that funny

Toomey, 'way to the right of Sestak

With Republican Pat Toomey running far to the right of Democrat Joe Sestak for Arlen Specter’s U.S. Senate seat, there’s no likelihood that he’ll be embracing new gun control measures any time soon – if ever. So Toomey can’t really expect to get a free pass for cracking wise on the issue last week at a campaign stop near York.

Telling a campaign event in Biglerville that his “idea of gun control is steady aim,” Toomey understandably raised the ire of the state’s most active antigun-violence group, CeaseFirePA.

Quick to cite the grim statistics on 1,200 annual gun deaths among Pennsylvanians – including some-275 gun homicides in Philly per year – CeaseFirePA’s Joe Grace branded Toomey as insensitive. “Toomey’s sucking up to the gun lobby and the NRA base is insensitive at best and troubling at worst,” said Grace.

It was just a quip, so get over it?

Well, if Toomey’s campaign bus tour takes him into the 46 varied municipalities around the state that have approved local ordinances requiring reporting of lost or stolen handguns as a defense against gun trafficking, he just might meet a few voters who don’t share his sense of humor on gun control.