What's not to like about the Dilworth Plaza make-over

"The latest plan to redesign Dilworth Plaza is deeply troubling," writes Alvin Holm, a Center City-based architect.

Holm is a founding member of the Institute for Classical Architecture and Classical America, a national organization devoted to the advocacy of traditional design in the modern world, and a former president of the group's Philadelphia chapter. 

Renderings of a revised Dilworth Plaza. An overview of the plaza, and, left, one of the two swooping glass headhouses leading to the proposed transit room.

His main beef with the Center City District-driven make-over of the plaza next to City Hall? It ain't broke.

Read more of Holm's views on the Inquirer Commentary Page. For a different perspective, read the recent Inquirer commentary from two officers of the Design Advocacy Group, who don't object to the idea of a plaza redesign.