Letter: Union protest did cause no favors

As unions are under fire from every corner of the Republican Party, and with governors pushing for right-to-work laws that translate to lower-paying jobs with fewer benefits, union members have been called goon thugs, and worse. Unfortunately, with their disruption of Mayor Nutter's budget speech, municipal workers fell into anti-unionists' trap. By refusing to let the mayor speak, they did nothing to advance their grievances and, instead, suffered a setback in the public eye.

Unions should be noted for negotiating fair and equitable contracts, not for bullying their opposition into doing what they want. At a time when the GOP is trying to cut everything but money for the rich, we union supporters need to work together to preserve the middle-class. It would behove unions to compromise, regroup, and fight another day when the economy is stronger.

 - Ron Costello, Warminster