A Reader's View: Temple fans made bad impression for their school

Temple students watch their football team playing Penn State Saturday.


Saturday, my wife, my 16-year-old daughter and I attended the Temple vs. Penn State football game at Lincoln Financial Field. Being the parent of a prospective college student, I was looking forward to experiencing “bit-time college football" in a big-time setting.  

On the first day available, I purchased the most expensive seats available, the eastern corner of the end zone about 28 rows up.  Imagine my surprise when near game time, the rows in front of us were transformed into the Temple student section. Students streamed in to the rows, without any preference for seat location. Initially, I thought that this would be fun for my 16 year old to see school spirit in action.

Ultimately, this is not a story of having overpaid for seats in which others paid less. We were treated to some exciting football.  This is a story of pure classlessness among a group of similarly-aged people, ostensibly students at Temple University.  Many were clad in red T-shirts that read " F- You, Penn State."  OK, it wasn’t sanctioned as official NCAA fan attire, but there were too many not to notice.

The true evidence of bad taste was that shortly after arrival, the student section, in unison, transformed the T-shirt slogan into a team cheer for a good 2 or 3 minutes while the Temple cheerleading squad, 28 rows below, stood by if not in approval, at least with internal satisfaction at the crowd frenzy. This was a scene that would have been more typical of the 700 section at the old Veteran's Stadium.  

At this point, my family and I decided to relocate.  We chose "nosebleed seats" surrounded by more civilized fans from the visitor's side and enjoyed an exciting game.

I can honestly say that if the composition of team cheers indicates the level of education one receives at these institutions, my daughter will not be applying to Temple University.

Chris Pusak lives in Ocean City, N.J.