Specter: Sestak a 'hypocrite'

Sen. Arlen Specter is hitting back against likely primary opponent Rep. Joe Sestak, and it's only July.

Specter called his fellow Democrat a "flagrant hypocrite" after Sestak claimed to be the only "true Democrat" in the Senate race. Well, Sestak isn't officially IN the Senate race yet, but you get the idea.

Rep. Joe Sestak is expected to run for the Senate.

Specter's campaign pointed out that Sestak registered as a Democrat in 2006, just prior to his run against former Rep. Curt Weldon in the Seventh District. Sestak, a retired admiral, has said he was independent before that due to his military career.

Sestak has criticized Specter for switching from the GOP this spring out of political expedience. The senator's internal polling showed he likely would lose the 2010 Republican primary to former Rep. Pat Toomey.

If the campaign is heating up this much now, imagine how lively it will get when Sestak formally enters the race.