Poll: Grabbing for the brake on parking taxes

Industry mounted a successful campaign to roll back the tax.

Three years after the city raised the parking tax from 15 percent to 20 percent, industry executives filled City Council chambers with their workers last spring to ask for some relief.

The answer they got back: We'll see. Then the answer turned into: Yup.

Council approved a James F. Kenney bill recently to roll the tax back to 17 percent, but the Nutter administration opposes the cut. Mayor Nutter says the city needs the dough, plus it should explore more broad-based business tax relief - rather than aiding one particular industry.

Was it right to roll back tax paid by parking lot and garage owners?

  • 156 (51.1%)
  • 23 (7.5%)
  • 76 (24.9%)
  • 50 (16.4%)
  • 305

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