Not your average cop on the beat

In this 2008 file photo, then-Philadelphia Police Sgt. D.F. Pace - now lieutenant - demonstrates an illegal move while frisking of Sgt. Martin Klepac. (Charles Fox / Staff Photographer)

There’s no better goal for a Philadelphia police officer than to keep the peace – or in the case of Lieutenant D. F. Pace, to study the peace.

As a veteran of nearly a decade, the lieutenant – also trained as a lawyer - recently was named as a winner of a Rotary International Peace Fellowship to study for three months at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok next summer. That’s an impressive tour of duty for a Philly cop.

In announcing the award, Rotary Club of Philadelphia officials noted that Pace is among only five lawyers on the police force and teaches at the Police Academy. As such, the lieutenant also serves as a role model for the better-educated and more seasoned force that Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey hopes to create by raising the recruiting standards.