More DeWeese troubles

A state grand jury is taking a fresh look at House Democratic Whip Bill DeWeese (D., Greene), the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

DeWeese, you may recall, has insisted he knew nothing about Democratic colleagues allegedly paying taxpayer-funded bonuses to aides for political work. He has not been charged. But former Democratic Rep. Mike Veon,  who does face criminal charges in the "Bonusgate" probe, says DeWeese is equally culpable. If anyone should be held culpable, that is.

State Rep. Bill DeWeese says reality is setting in on revenue.

Investigators are said to be looking at print-outs of email, found in a box at the Capitol, to see if they shed any light on DeWeese's knowledge. Or lack thereof.

DeWeese continues to be an embarrassing distraction for a House Democratic majority that can't afford it. He should have resigned his post or been forced out by his colleagues long ago.