Mayor-palooza continues: Street can't say enough about Nutter

Mayor Michael Nutter looks up at the city's Christmas tree during the tree lighting ceremony. Philadelphia's tree lighting ceremony took place this afternoon outside City Hall. December 2, 2010 (Sarah J. Glover / Staff Photographer)

Former Mayor John F. Street has not been shy about his criticism of Mayor Nutter of late. In an interview in Philadelphia magazine, Street called Nutter "incredibly arrogant, incompetent and offensive."

Even more curious, the interview was done by Street's former rival, Sam Katz. In a twist, for months Street had been urging Katz to run against Nutter. Katz twice ran against Street and lost. He ultimately decided not to run against Nutter in the  2011 Democratic Primary.

Street's Philly mag comments on Nutter and other issues, including his relationship with the press, make for some interesting reading. It's unlikely Nutter will be sending Street a Christmas - or even a holiday - card this year.