Letters Extra: 'Our gutters runneth over'

Digging out in Media is Mary Ferrell (MICHAEL BRYANT / Staff Photographer)


The snow is our burden. We shall not want.

It maketh us fall down in our driveways.  

It leadeth us to the chiropractor.

It ruins our rugs.

It leadeth us to use major highways for our job's sake.

It rusteth our cars.

Yea, though we fear the next blizzard, we won't fear the salt trucks.

Our snow men and ice melters, they comfort us.

We prepareth a cup of hot chocolate in the presence of the blizzard.

We cover our heads with scarves.  

Our gutters runneth over.

Surely snow storms and street floods shall follow us all the days of this Winter,

and we shall dwell in frozen misery 'til Summer.

Karl Kofoed, Drexel Hill




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