Letters Extra: Empowering role model

 I was fascinated to hear of Senate President Steve Sweeney's recent Rowan University commencement speech. I was unaware the senator's daughter had Down syndrome, as well as all she has endured since birth. I'm glad to see that Sweeney was able to take something in his life that many would see in a bad way and turn it into something positive.

Often, we view politicians in a negative light; certainly, that is justified sometimes. But I often think we forget that our elected representatives are people just like us. They must deal with personal and family issues just like us. What we have to hope for is that they are able to use those issues to help others. It looks like the senator has done that, especially through his work with people with disabilities. I hope others can follow his example.

Sen. Stephen Sweeney

Doug Hogate, Elsinboro

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